Welcome to Floppycat.com!

[Now on new webserver] This is Amanda and Paddy’s home in the cyber world. Despite the name (and the large number of soft toys wandering around), they hope you’ll find this a useful place: sites page contains sites hosted in this domain, links will take you to a load of useful places, and the site map will show you anything you’ve missed.

Group photo of paddy and amandas soft toys, with luss, a kitten puppet, in the front
Luss and the animals welcome you to Floppycat.com

Why Floppycat? Amanda and Paddy wanted to register a domain that was both easy to spell and easy to remember. They are both big fans of soft-toy cats, particularly the beany/jellycat variety, so the choice of domain name became obvious! You’ll find a number of their soft toys have made themselves useful around the site.

Design and photography is by Paddy in his guise as Creative Media, with help from Amanda.