Click on the links below for advice, ideas and knowledge. These pages are an attempt to share all the free (and sometimes rather costly!) wisdom and useful facts we’ve picked up over the years.

link to Luss Pet Hates page
Luss’ Pet Hates page. Luss shares some of the many things that make him MAD!! And you don’t wanna make Luss mad! Last modified: May 09 2014.
link to Badger's anecdotes page
Badger’s Anecdotes page. One of the Badgers shares some humorous happenings and cautionary chapters that have come to his ears. Last modified: May 09 2014.
link to lazy dogg's anecdotes page
Lazy Dogg’s Laziness page. What is “enlightened laziness”? Lazy dog has some downloads, practical techniques and ideas about how laziness can make life better, both for individuals and for the world as a whole. Last modified: May 09 2014.
link to purple bug's product reviews page
Purple bug’s product reviews page. Purple bug takes on the consumer world with some advice on good and bad buys. Check with the Bug for impartial information, particularly when buying second hand. Last modified: May 09 2014.
link to Weasel's free sounds pages
Weasel’s free sounds and effects downloads. Pendolino Weasel has been making a variety of sounds especially for musicians and sound-recordists. If you’re looking for a particular sound or effect that you just can’t find, maybe the Weasel has it…