Bristol is a centre for online art. Here are some local and international sites of interest to artists and arts fans. Look at the sites page for Paddy and Amanda’s art, and the advice pages for art and craft ideas.

Art and crafts

art+power is an organisation bringing together professional artists and artists with learning difficulties. Some art is for sale.

Film and animation

Bristol Stories is a collection of short films made about Bristol life. Paddy is webmaster for the site.

Charlie Blackfield, film maker, beer brewer and pipe smoker, presents a site of surreal anarchy, German style.

Depict! is an annual online short film festival, at which all films must be no longer than 90 seconds.

Encounters Festival is an annual short film festival in Bristol.


Airstar are a great guitar-based band with beautiful songs backed up by a lot of passion, sadly they appear to not be doing anything new.

Chris Pritchett is a skilled guitarist and singer/songwriter whom Paddy performed with in 2005.


Dpreview is a very useful digital photography site with news, reviews and some very busy forums. You can probably get several answers to any photography questions or problems you might have, though they might not all agree!

Fred Miranda’s site has useful reviews of Canon and Nikon equipment as well as galleries and forums.

Travelling Light is my friend Scooby’s travel photography site. Each photograph is accompanied with creative writing - worth taking some time to look through.

Mixed online galleries

Digitised: Communities Online is a site that Paddy worked on. It’s a mixture of artwork and learning resources from communities in Bristol, UK.

dShed is Watershed Media Centre’s online gallery. There are hundreds of pieces of work, with more being added all the time. It concentrates on digital video but also has stills and interactive work.