I’m a lazy dog, hence the name. I’m so lazy I can’t even be bothered to be a real dog! But is laziness really a bad thing? Don’t come and ask me because I’m busy having a nap: just read on and you’ll see how important Enlightened Laziness is.

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I’ve added my inventions and lazy computing downloads (that I’m too lazy to make, market or sell) to this page too.

  1. What is enlightened laziness?
  2. “Handle it once”, your motto for life.
  3. How to wash up the lazy way.
  4. Expectation Management: a key lesson for lazy people.
  5. The enlightened miser: more ideas for lazy people.
  6. The Friendly Wheel: how to carry things and get about more lazily.
  7. The ultimate miser’s wash and shave: save water and money in the bathroom.
  8. How to avoid wasting your time worrying: one technique to avoid expending energy on pointless pain.
  9. Useful wise proverbs for lazy people: there are plenty of those “truisms”, maxims and sayings. But some of them are really useful for laziness, so take a little time to work them out here with me.
  10. The laziest saint in the Bible: St Paul the apostle is a fine example to followers of Lazy Dog!
  11. Patience! How to wait without stress. How can some people be so calm when waiting for things to happen? You can be one of those people!

Lazy dogg’s inventions and free dowloads

  1. An idea for a geared drive system for wheelchairs. Somebody has to make and market this!
  2. A rear view mirror to aid conversation between people in wheelchairs and people pushing.. This is a simple idea to enable someone in a wheelchair to see the person who is pushing them.
  3. Easy resizing in Photoshop using a JavaScript script. I had 750 pictures of all shapes and sizes to resize into 80x60 thumbnails. Here is my lazy way to do it, which I’ll share with you.
  4. Limit picture size easily in Photoshop using a JavaScript script. The same bunch of pictures had to fit in a 1024x768 browser, but I didn’t want to enlarge any pictures that were already smaller than that size. Here is my lazy way to do it, which I’ll share with you.
  5. Every webmaster?s nightmare ? a Microsoft? Word Document (sic). Have you ever cut‘n’pasted web content from word into your text editor, and ended up with “?” or blanks where the apostrophes and other interesting characters should be? Lazy Dogg gives you… The HTMLiser!! It&rquo; replace most non-browser characters with the proper codes. You’ll have to do the tags yourself… hint: replace every /r newline with </p>/r<p>.