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About Paddy

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Paddy Uglow wrote his first song in 1984, aged 13. Since then he has written songs and instrumentals with a number of bands, for solo performance, and for some (albeit modest) stage and screen airings.

He took up violin aged about 8, and has since added piano and keyboards, guitar, bass, penny whistle and percussion to his reportoire.

After leaving Plymouth in 2003, where he had played guitar, violin, whistles and percussion with Taradiddle (indie-eclectic) for several years, and electric violin with the spoof punk band Gob Dylan, he has performed solo and with Lara England and Chris Pritchett in Bristol.

His musical influences include everything from Depeche Mode to Dido, Five Star to Fear Factory.

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Last upload was A Whole New Universe, March 2006.