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Paddy's influences

This is a list of most of the bands and musicians Paddy listens to, all of which influence his songwriting in some way.

A Perfect Circle, A Zone, Airstar, Al Yankowicz, Alannis Morissette, Alice DJ, Altern-8, Amazon, Andy Thornton, Art of Trance, Atari Teenage Riot, Audio Quest, BT, Baby D, Babybird, Babylon Crew, Ben Okafor, Big Country, Biohazard, Biotek, Bizzy B, Bjork, Black Buddah Band, Blame, Breathe, Bruce Hornsby, Bryan Duncan, Capella, Cathy Burton, Celtarabia, China Crisis, China Drum, Chomsky, Chris Eaton, Coal Chamber, Coil, Cornershop, Cosy Noxa, Criminal Minds, Cub, DJ Hype, DJ Nut, Daniel Amos, Daniel Bedingfield, David Bowie, Deacon Blue, Death Cab for Cutie, Deep Dish, Deiter Falk, Delerious, Delyth Evans, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Downplay, DubStar, Eclipse, Edin Adahl, Everything but the Girl, Fairground Attraction, Faith No More, Faithless, Falacy, Fallen Angel, Fear Factory, Firefly, Fluid, Fragma, Fresh Air, Full Blown Kirk, Garbage, Garry Newman, Gigantic, Go West, Godhead, Grip inc, Helen o'Hara, Howard Jones, Hue and Cry, Huw and Tony, I Sense, Ideola, Inner City, Iona, Izzit, Jack Teagarden, Jamiroquai, Josh Abrahams, Judge Jules, June Tabor, Kajah Wunder, Karen Ramirez, Kate Bush, King, Kry, LFO, Lazonby, Les Brown, Level 42, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Loop Guru, Loquat, Louis Armstrong, Love Corporation, Love and Money, Lucid, Luke Warmwater, M Beat, Machines of Loving Grace, Mad at the World, Madonna, Magic Star, Majestic Orb, Man with no name, Mariah Carey, Marilyn Manson, Martin Gore, Marvel Cain, Matt Redman, Medwyn Good, Mindfield, Mint Royale, Mixed Blessing, Morcheeba, Mr Oizo, Mulu, NJoi, Nebula2, Necropolis, Nine Inch Nails, No Comment, No More Mr Nice Guy, Nut, Olive, Omni Trio, One Minute Silence, One to One, Optica, Paradox, Paraglider, Paul Field, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Simon, Paul van Dyk, Petra, Phil and John, Pissing Razors, Pitch Shifter, Planet 4, Pos Hedp, Praga Khan, Prefab Sprout, Pressure Magic star, Prince, Prophet of Rage, Psalmistry, Pulkas, Quad, Queen, Quench, Radium88, Ragga and the Yellow Magic Orchestra, Randy Stonehill, Ray Keith, Richard Souther, Roni Size, Row, SL2, Sash, Sensor, Sepia, Sevendust, Shakespeare's Sister, Shanks and Bigfoot, Sheila Walsh, Shelter, Shihad, Sian, Silver Lining, Sixpence None the Richer, Slaves on Dope, Slowdive, So Young Corrs, Soft Cell, Solar Enemy, Sophie B Hawkins, Soul Fly, Space Prince, Space Time Shamen, Spandau Ballet, Speak My Mind, Split level, Steve Arrington, Steve Butler, Steve Taylor, Stuart Jones, Subsonic 2, Sure is Pure, System 7, Talvin Singh, Tanita Tikaram, Tears for Fears, The Beloved, The Blow Monkeys, The Blue Nile, The Bus Stationn Loonies, The Christians, The Cocteau Twins, The Corrs, The Cure, The Egg, The Future Sound of London, The Grid, The Infiltrator, The Jam, The Key, The Lanterns, The Longford Weavers, The Orb, The Pet Shop Boys, The Prayer Boat, The Progidy, The Shaman, The Smiths, The Sundays, The Thompson Twins, Then Jericho, Timescape, Timeshard, Tina Cousins, Tired, Toxic Viceroy, Transfinite, Trent Reznor, Tunnel Vision, U2, Underworld, Urban Shakedown, Vast, Vector, Veruca salt, Vex Red, Vision of disorder, Vitro, Wave In Head, Way Out West, Why?, Yazoo, Zelig, Zero G, Zion Train

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