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Free (see restrictions below) MP3 tracks for you to enjoy

Downloading restrictions: You may download and listen to any of the tracks below, but if you keep and enjoy them, please pay in one of the following ways:
1. For each track, pay one pound sterling (or equivalent) to Oxfam, Christian Aid, The Big Issue Foundation, Shelter, Greenpeace or Intermediate Technology Development Group.
2. Do some voluntary work for one of these charities or similar.
3. Start using more fair-trade products (eg Clipper, Cafe Direct, Green and Blacks) and farmers’ markets.

If you’d like to use any part of these samples as loops in your music, please contact paddy to check for permission. Paddy’s also interested in remixing your material, writing for stage and screen, and doing occasional session work on violin, percussion and whistles.

Studio tracks

Live drums recorded in Tim’s bedroom (except Anything for Love and Finally Defenceless) - thanks Tim, vocals at Paddy’s Flat. Gigastudio fake drums (Live it Up, 11th Hour, All My Fault, Whole New Universe, Never Walk Alone) thanks to Natural Studios sampled drums and my own recordings at Drum Bank rehearsal room.

Never Walk Alone, full length track. (6.1MB) Pop/dance. I’ll do the vocal properly sometime. Uploaded December 2006.

A Whole New Universe, full length track. (4.5MB) Pop/rock. Uploaded March 2006.

All My Fault, full length track. (3.5MB) Pop/rock, through turned out a bit orchestral! Uploaded March 2006.

11th Hour, full length rough demo. Acoustic pop/folk, studio version.

Live it Up, full length track. Acoustic pop/rock, studio version.

Anything for Love, full length track. Acoustic pop/rock, studio version.

Don’t Let the Cliches Get You Down, full length track. Punk, studio version.

Finally Defenceless, full length track. Acoustic pop/rock, studio version.

Burn All Maps, full length track. Acoustic pop/rock, by Scooby and Paddy, studio version.

Samples of other tracks, various.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas Written for www.electricdecember.org ad; drum‘n’bass version of the old carol, played on a home made E whistle made out of a broken Argos clothes rail! Uploaded March 2006.

Blessed Techno trance.

Can you Feel? Shameless middle-of-the-road pop, with a slightly folky feel.

Earth Trip. Techno, with electrician pun. Inspired by X Files theme tune.

Faery Lullaby. Part of music written for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, performed at Sterts Open-Air Theatre, Cornwall.

Don’t Let it Get You Down. Indie studio experiment with drum samples; might be a song one day.

Hanging in the Air. Waltz time hip pop; we need more songs about mobile phones!

Hypocrite (backing track). Drum‘n’Bass backing trap for rap track (Taradiddle).

I am the Pope (and I wanna be a Punk). Gabba punk (Taradiddle). Silly song written at age 14, converted into something slightly more sensible in 2002.

If I could Synth-Pop. Solo song.

Kol Do Di Hebrew big beat. Based on traditional Hebrew folk song, given a "chemical beats" treatment.

N CountersTechno trance. Borrowing an idea from the Close Encounters of the Third Kind soundtrack.

Over the Ocean. Synth-Pop with an intelligent drum‘n’bass feel. Studio experiment.

Punky Techno folk-rock (Taradiddle). Paddy on programming and violin (and distortion!).

Punky (Alkaline Mix). Paddy’s Nine Inch Nails style remix of Taradiddle’s Punky, working under the name of Alkaline. Also playing electric guitar and violin.

Reverse Chemical sounds. Work in progress.

Section (Alkaline remix). Techno (Taradiddle).

Stashed. Electro-Goth. An attempt at a keyboard-based waltz-time goth dirge.

Talk to Me (Live, Plymouth). Dark Wave (Taradiddle). Paddy on programming, vox and guitar.

The Man Who Planted Trees. Intelligent drum‘n’bass. Based on the story of the same name.

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