I can’t stop - I“ve got to buy more products! Here are some of my favourite buys, and some of the terrible mistakes I have made with my purchasing decisions.

You will not find unbalanced “This product rocks/sucks” type product reviews here. I have owned all these items for some time (though I’ve been forced to sell several of them by the other animals!), so expect a balanced and informed opinion.

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link to review of Evolution MK461c keyboard review
Evolution MK641c master keyboard. A review of Evolution’s be-knobbed and be-slidered five octave MIDI controller keyboard.
link to review of quictent greenhouse/polytunnel
A cheaper greenhouse? A review of the Quictent plastic-and-steel-tube polytunnel/houthouse/greenhouse.
link to review of Wacom graphics tablets
Mouse-beater! For some computer work, a mouse just won’t do. Wacom make some of the best graphics tablets around.